JSB-1 Gallon Bottle




JSB-1 Gallon Bottle

JSB-1 is another signature Diana Industries product with over 40 years in World-Wide Industries. This super concentrate all-purpose cleaner and degreaser formula is based on the Original Energy Plus 680 also known as EP-680 Degreaser by Diana Industries. JSB-1 is also 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-flammable and is an effective product in the Japanese and Asian Markets, known as J-SPEX Super concentrate Cleaner.

This amazing versatile product has been through rigorous testing from Die Electric testing to Bio-degradable testing for marine and forest life. Dianas JSB-1 Cleaner Degreaser abides by SCAQMD required standards.  JSB-1 will penetrate and break surface tension quickly to allow grease, oil, and dirt to be released effectively. Safe on most surfaces: plastics, fabrics, metals and glass.

  • Super Concentrated Formula
  • Can be used in Marine and Forest
  • Safe on Metals
  • Approved by OSHA, DOT and USDA
  • No flash point upto 200 degrees F
  • Can dilute 300 to 1


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