IC-11042 275 Gallon Tote



IC-11042 275 Gallon Tote

IC 11042 is recommended as a substitution to using HARMFUL DIESEL in cleaning and maintaining the integrity of expensive tools and machinery such as: Loots, Shovels, Rakes , Tampers, Rollers, Vibrator Sleds, Plate Compactors, Asphalt Paving Machines(Pavers) when working with hot asphalt, tac and slurry.

IC 11042 is highly recommended and potent formula with the perfect solution for cleaning situations that normal degreasers won’t even touch. This is especially significant in asphalt or coal industry or crude oil situations.

  • Highly Concentrated
  • Substitution for Diesel
  • Excellent for Asphalt
  • Slurry Seal Remover
  • Non Combustible
  • Non Flammable


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