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A simple biodegradability test in the open system was applied. In this method the only source of the organic carbon for the microbes is the tested substance. The adapted and the non-adapted activated sewage sludge from the city of Prague water treatment plant was used in the experiments. The degree of the decomposition and the specific decomposition rate were evaluated. This makes possible to estimate the behavior of the tested substance at the various stages of the biological waste water treatment. The rate of the COD (Cr) decrease as a function of time is shown in the figure.

1. There is only a small difference between the application of the adapted and the non-adapted sludge which proves that the JSB-1 degreaser is based on tensides. The structure of the tensides is identical or analogous with those usually used in the local cleaning and washing agents and that the normal sludge is used to them. The tested agents does not therefore cause any abnormal problems in the process of the waste water treatment up to the value of COD 200 mg/1.

This evaluation refers only to the JSB-1 degreaser as such and not to the constituents or compounds which are dissolved or degreasing. The sewage regulations should be satisfied.

The percentage of the decomposition (using the adapted activated sludge 89.2-90.9% and using the non-adapted activated sludge 86.4-88.6%) and the specific rate of the decomposition proves the good biodegradability of the JSB-1 degreasing agent.